Plain 1 Year Showroom Anniversary

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Reading Time: 2 minutes


Celebrate PlainAmstrdm’s 1 Year Showroom Anniversary – A Year of Fashion and Style

We have something great to celebrate! It’s almost time to celebrate PlainAmstrdm’s 1 year anniversary, and we can’t wait to share this special moment with you.

On May 28, we welcome you all to our PLAIN showroom , where we will not only present our new collection, but also organize a breathtaking fashion show. Let’s take a look back at the major highlights of PlainAmstrdm over the past year.

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PlainAmstrdm’s 1 year showroom anniversary is a moment to reflect on an amazing year filled with fashion, style and community. We are grateful for the support of our customers, partners and the entire PlainAmstrdm community. Together we have enriched the fashion world. Let’s get together on May 28 to celebrate and enjoy the latest collection at our fashion show. We look forward to celebrating many more years of style and success with you!

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The past year has been a journey filled with fashion, style and community engagement for PlainAmstrdm. We’ve proudly partnered with local artists, designers and community organizations to create a unique and inclusive fashion scene. Here are some of the key highlights we’d like to share with you:

PlainAmstrdm had the honor to welcome 5 students who have completed their internship period within the company! PLAIN has collaborated with talented local designers and artists to create exclusive collections that capture the essence of the brand.

These collaborations have helped us to present unique and eye-catching garments

1 of our visitors that we are most proud of

let’s revisit the moment when Plain first came into contact with Mohammed Kudus

Community Involvement

We are committed to making a positive impact on the communities in which we operate. Through donations, event sponsorships and partnerships with local organizations, we have tried to give back to the community and hope we did our job as an inspiring clothing brand.

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Online Presence:

In the past year we have strengthened our online presence

We proudly shared our collections and brand message through our website, social media channels and digital marketing campaigns. It’s great to see how our online audience has grown and how we can share our passion for fashion with even more people.

The 1-Year Anniversary:

On May 28, it’s time to raise a glass and celebrate what we’ve achieved over the past year. In our showroom building we will organize a spectacular fashion show to present our latest collection. This is your chance to discover the very latest trends and styles from PlainAmstrdm. We invite you all to join us in this special occasion and enjoy an evening full of fashion, music and fun.

If you have visited our showroom before, please share your showroom experience at PlainAmstrdm below in the comments.

5 thoughts on “Plain 1 Year Showroom Anniversary

  1. cherisa says:

    Everyone should wear plain, quality is good, service is good, and if you don’t have plain yet order quickly you won’t regret it!!

  2. remilio says:

    Ik hou ervan om naar de showroom te komen. Het is niet zo groot maar de sfeer is altijd heel goed heel huiselijk. Geen medewerkers die je opjagen om iets te kopen. Maar mocht je vragen hebben kan je ze altijd stellen. En ze zijn altijd bereid om te denken. Minimaal 1x per maand kom ik even kijken of er wat nieuws is

  3. Shannon says:

    Plain.!!!! Is wat je zeker in je kledingkast moet hebben. Er wordt naar je wensen geluisterd, er is een top service. De sfeer die er is, laat je vaker terug komen.

  4. Shannon says:

    Plain.!!!! Is wat je zeker in je kledingkast moet hebben. Er wordt naar je geluisterd, er is een top service. De sfeer die er is laat je vaker terug komen.

  5. Casharell says:

    Plain outfits voor mijn kinderen en voor mezelf, haal ik altijd op in de showroom. Ik word vriendelijk ontvangen en er wordt ook met je meegedacht wat leuk samen staat! Zeker een aanrader om eens een kijkje te nemen !

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