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Francis Etsiwah and Derek Veldman the two founders of Bosstalks, have set up a podcast where they mainly talk about entrepreneurship where they help youth with tips, tricks and tell the story from the soil to succes form another entrepreneur.

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Bosstalks has invited PLAIN Founder Remilio Caupain to talk to Francis Etsiwah
Derek Veldman about doing business.

Kennismakers EP9 2

Founder of PLAIN

Founder of Bosstalks

Founder of Bosstalks

In this podcast, I share my experience of striving for succes with Plain. I tell how I started and the reason why, I started.

I am convinced that everyone has it in them, that is also what Plain stands for (it’s not only on you it’s also in YOU). I am all about the youth and talk to young people about entrepreneurship as much as possible

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Reading Time: < 1 minute

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