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Reading Time: 3 minutes

Interviewer: Remilio
Photographer: Gilliano Nijman
Gilliano Nijman
Chris Baya


We are proud to announce that Chris “ Bad News “ Baya will be the first person we interview in our WeArePlain Series. We are going to get know the person behind the fighter. Talk about high’s and low’s. Idols, PLAIN and many more!

Chris, would you like to introduce yourself and talk about your achievements?

My name is Christian Baya, Born in Bremen, Germany 27-08-1991. When I was 16 I started Thai boxing. Favourite accomplishment is my profit debut at kickboxing organisation GLORY. And winning a contender tournament within that same organisation.

Everyone who follows you on social media, especially Instagram, sees you train really hard. Where does your passion come from?

I can’t really explain it. From a really young age martial arts have fascinated me. I would watch Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee, Jean-Claude van Damme and many more. My parents told me I always wanted to play fight as a child & gave me the nick name Mike Tyson hahaha !

In boxing you have certain idols. Has that changed over the years? Who did you used to look up too as too now and why?

Before I started with martial arts I mostly looked up to Mike Tyson. When I started kickboxing; Tyrone Spong, Gokhan Saki, Badr Hari, Masato, Andy Souwer & Buakaw Por Pramuk.

Over the years it has definitely changed. Because I was my own role model. The fighters I just mentioned all have a very effective and technical style of fighting. I still look up to Tyrone Spong because too me, he is one of the most technical and creative fighters. The same goes for Mexican boxer named Canelo Alvarez.

I started believing in myself when I saw I could beat the same people i looked up to. It’s important to hold yourself to high standards& always believe in yourself

When your in a bad mood or you experience negative vibrations. What do you do too change that?

MUSIC!!! I love music. It brings me to a whole other level when I sing/rap along. I’ve also wrote a bunch of uplifting quotes down on paper and hung them up. So I always have a pick me up when feeling down.

You post a lot of Dragonball Z. Could you tell me more about the connection between you and the popular anime series?

I’m a massive DBZ fan! I was sold from the moment I saw it, it’s so awesome!
I also inspires me to corporate it in my fighting.

What inspires you?

A high level fight can really inspire me like damn this is beautiful man! Sometimes I even get goosebumps and my blood pressure rises. This is also the feeling I get when looking back at my own matches.

Can you tell me about some of the lows you have experienced? And how has that shaped you?

I was at my lowest in 2018/2019. My kickboxing career wasn’t going as planned due to my personal life. But now I can say I’m happy it happened. Because I’ve come out of it stronger and focused. Now I can’t wait to show that of in the ring.

What’s the first sport related thing you are looking forward to?

My own upcoming fight!

Do you like books? Is there something you’re reading now?

I’m not really into reading that much. It is something I would like to change. The Alchemist, I’ve stared but still need to finish.

Do you own any items from our webshop? Are you satisfied? Or what will be your next purchase?

I own the PLAIN XXL shoulder/waist bag and a T-shirt. Both very good quality. The bag comes in very handy when your on the go cause everything fits in there! I’m probably going to order the PLAIN cap next. Honestly I would want to purchase every item

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