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Mo kudus

We from PLAINAMSTRDAM love it when people from all over the globe come and play soccer in The Netherlands, especially in Amsterdam. So when the transfer from Mohammed Kudus was official we sent him a DM through instagram. That we are delighted that he is now player of Ajax Amsterdam and that we hope to see him wear PLAIN in the future.

This was somewhere in 2020. We didn’t received a answer but we don’t always do things to receive an answer or something in return. We give to give and when you give you are already receiving. Maybe not from the same person of the same directions as you are giving but the universe rewards every good thing that you do when the time is right!

Around his birthday in 2022 a mutual friend gave us the possibility to link and meet with Mo Kudus. And we talked for a couple of times and we invited him to our showroom in Almere.

And he came! And what we already thought is that we would meet a very humble and kind person. And it what exactly what we thought. He even brought a Ajax jersey for our CEO.


Mo Kudus came to our store and was very interested in our BRAND. He started asking a lot of question what showed his interest I the brand and the journey of the brand. He already saw the brand with a couple of former team players like Danilio & Daramy.

We were glad to have him in our store and looking forward to what his future will bring him. He made some very nice goals since he came to PLAIN. We can’t take any credits for his achievements but. Plain is not only on you. It’s also in you !

mohammed kudus in PLAIN amsterdam
mohammed kudus in PLAIN amsterdam 2

We are very happy to see that some of our goals manifested and hope that this will inspire you as reader to know that everything you wish and dream of can and will happen if you keep working towards your goal or dream !

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