Plain 1 Year Showroom Anniversary Recap

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Organizer: Remilio

On May 28, 2023, Plain Amstrdam celebrated their 1-year Showroom Jubilee in an unforgettable way.

The event was much more than just a fashion show, it was a celebration of the company’s success and growth. By offering a spectacular fashion show, direct access to the showroom, networking opportunities and culinary indulgence, PLAIN Amsterdam ensured that their guests had an extraordinary experience. PLAIN decided to organize an event on 28/5 to celebrate the Anniversary of our showroom and also the launch and preview of our new and upcoming collection. Owners of PLAIN items and followers of the brand were invited to celebrate this anniversary with us. The fashion show took place in the exhibition space in the Cultuurdome. The building where PLAIN is located. The turnout, enthusiasm and support was great.


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An Enchanting Fashion Show

With a diverse cast of models, ranging from young to old, Plain Amsterdam stunned the audience with a breathtaking fashion show. The catwalk became a vibrant runway showcasing the latest collections and signature pieces.

the audience was immersed in a visual feast that reflected the versatility and creativity of Plain Amsterdam.

Our models

For our fashion show we were looking for new talent or people with the ambition to work in the modeling world. And through a call on our social media account we were able to find very talented models who appeared on the catwalk during the PLAIN FASHION SHOW.

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Access to the Showroom

After the fashion show, all visitors were welcome in our showroom where some newly launched products were exclusively available. And to reinforce our slogan “Lets go lets grow” PLAIN had transformed the fourth floor into a networking space where snacks and drinks could be enjoyed. On this floor we have asked entrepreneurs from every branch to share their business cards and to be open to possible collaborations.

All in all it was a successful event. And we are grateful for the positive feedback we received from the visitors. This gives us a lot of energy to make it another wonderful year.

Network capabilities

Besides showing their beautiful collections and selling clothes, the event was also a platform for making valuable contacts in the fashion industry. Entrepreneurs and retailers were invited to join the anniversary party, which opened up opportunities for business talks and potential collaborations. The gathering of established professionals in the fashion industry and emerging talents created a fertile environment in which ideas were exchanged and future projects discussed. Guests could enjoy delicious snacks and drinks while engrossed in meaningful conversations with other attendees.

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