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Reading Time: 5 minutes

Interviewer: Remilio
Photographer: Chavez
Brown Pinas

Welcome to a new WeArePlain interview

This time we have the pleasure of sitting with Brown Pinas. Brown Pinas is a Surinamese fighter who fights for OneChampionship.

We have been following Brown as a kickboxer since his beginning. And we at PLAIN find it fascinating to have been able to experience its transformation and are therefore very curious about what gives the Brown Pinas the motivation to give everything every day.

Hey Brown, it is our pleasure to be here. And PLAIN is gratefull that you took the time for this interview. Would you please introduce yourself? And would you also like to mention some recent highlights? I always like to start positively.

My name is Brown Pinas, professional muaythai fighter. Born and raised in Rotterdam and i train in The Hague at Arj training.

My biggest highlight so far was in 2018 when I won my match in Jakarta by spectacular knockout. I won the game with a spinning back elbow. It went viral all over the world.

How did you get into kickboxing?

A boy next door kept asking me to go to a new kickboxing school. and at first al always rejected. Then one time i went with him and I was immediately sold. Since that day I have been giving everything for this sport.

Which individuals have served as examples in recent years? And how has that changed over time?

I like Old School muaythai fighters like Dany Bill, Samart Payakaroon, Coban and Dieselnoi. But also from “Dutch” fighters such as Ramon Dekkers, Badr Hari and Ismael London and Regian Eersel.

Why did you look / look up to these people?

I look up to Dany Bill because as a black muaythai fighter he was the first farang (Thai for foreigner) to become world champion in Thailand. Since then, the Thai have gained respect for the farang fighters.

And with Ismael Londt and Regian Eersel I also train regularly, I also learn a lot from both during the training so there are certainly also examples for me!

The people who look at your Instagram will see that you are practically working out alone. Is this so? And where do you get this motivation from?

Yes, I knock twice a day almost daily, for me it is no more than normal. Since the day I started martial arts, I have always taken it seriously and I have to train a lot for that. I fight men who have been professional fighter for 20 years, while I have been “only” training for 7 years. That’s why I train extra hard so that I’m always ready to fight anyone. I get the motivation from myself because I have big dreams that I want to achieve.

What do you do if you are not feeling well. Or you experience a negative vibration what do you do to feel good again.

I used to have a lot of trouble with that, but I have learned to control it better. I read a lot of books and I meditate, those things help me to calm down. As a result, I can give myself a lot more rest when things go wrong.

Are you affiliated with a gym / organization from abroad? Can you tell me something about the interaction with your colleagues, living in Asia, and the biggest differences between Dutch fighters and Thai fighters?

Yes, the gym where I train is in The Hague, ARJ training. But the organization (Onechampionship) I’m fighting for is in Singapore and the events are spread all over Asia. So sometimes I fight in Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore etc ..

In Asia, the sport is much bigger and you also get more respect, overthere you are already met at the AirPort by fans who want photos and autographs from you. People are very interested in you if you are a martial artist fighter. I also receive daily messages from people all over the world.


I love Asia very much, I lived in Thailand for a while. I had a great time there. Six days a week 2x 3 hours of training a day and for the rest it was sleeping or lying by the pool. The freedom you have there is also very unique. You really feel that you are alive there! And for the rest it is beautiful country with lots of nature. I also met a lot of people there who came from everywhere from Brazil to Africa to you name it.

The biggest difference between Dutch fighter and Thai fighters is that Thai fighters have been fighting from an early age. Often the Thai fighters have to fight to support their family. So the Thai fighters always have a lot of experience because they have been participating in this sport from an early age. And the Thai train a little longer but less intensively, in the Netherlands we train 1 / 1.5 hour per training, but the entire training as intensively as possible.

On your instagram we see a photo of 2 Surinamese athletes. You are facing Gini Wijnaldum and the CL cup. What was it like to meet him?

Gini had just won the champions league with Liverpool and took the trophy to Suriname. That was nice to see, especially because Gini has come a long way and has given everything for football from an early age. We talked briefly, and found out that we are second cousins haha.

Two videos of your training with your mother have recently gone viral. What kind of reactions have you had on this video. And she is still open to help you because you kick pretty hard!

Haha yes that’s right. My mother is a real warrior. She is always ready to help me where she can and she has also supported me from the start. Me and my mom used to live together, that’s why our bond is so strong. If she taught me anything in the past, it is never to give up!

I have had many beautiful messages that people have so much respect for her and that it is great that she is helping her son with his career. And the messages I get are from people all over the world. Even the CEO of Onechampionship responded to the videos!

Are there a number of low points that you would like to mention that have been essential to your development?

Hell yes. Competitions where I could not do what I had trained on and therefore lost the game unnecessarily .. yes those are lows, especially because then the fault was mine in that case.

But those are things that have made me stronger. What doesn’t kill you makes you only stronger right?

What are you looking forward to in the sporting field?

To my next fight! It would take place on March 20 this year in Vietnam. But the Corona made it unfortunately. So hopefully that party can take place soon!

I am always wondering if the people I interview are reading. So do you read books? If so which books.

I read a lot of books, I like books that I can learn from. I mainly read a lot of mindset books. I am currently reading: The power of your subconscious mind.

What does reading books do to you?

While reading i start to enters my own world. Because I train a lot, I sometimes have little rest. But when i start reading I relax and I have some time for myself.

Which PLAIN item from the webshop do you have and are you happy with. And what is the next item that goes into your shopping cart?

I have the plain bag! Very handy for me loose things since I wear a lot of tracksuits and you usually don’t have those good pockets in them. I can store everything in the PLAIN bag. And is super easy to carry.

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